10 podcasts for creatives that you don’t want to miss

I love podcasts (REALLY!) and listen often when doing other things. (I try to learn something new each time I am in my car on my day job.) Here are some of my go-to’s when I am in need of a podcast fix.

  1. Creative Pep Talk. A jolt of adrenaline for your creative endeavors. Part creative inspiration and part business building insight, one episode and you’ll be 100% jazzed.
  2. The Creative Empire. All about building a creative business.
  3. Art Marketing. Weekly Action tips to market your creative business.
  4. Bookbinding Now. Discussing all things bookbinding and artist books.
  5. TED Talks Art. You had me at TED talks. And art.
  6. The Purposeful Creative. Put feet to your creative aspirations.
  7. The Productivity Show. The guys at Asian Efficiency are full of ideas to make your life better in every way. I always learn something.
  8. The Goal Digger. Jenna Kutcher challenges and inspires us to reach our goals.
  9. Scrap Paper. Creative biz owners share their joys and struggles and help us all navigate entrepreneurship with humor and insight.
  10. How I Built This. NPR hosts this inspirational series of business moguls from all sectors and they detail how they built their business.