20+ Uses for a 5 Year Book

I am a sucker for any kind of planner/diary. The Hobonichi is no exception. The Tomoe River paper alone is enough to make me swoon. It takes a variety of media without bleeding and when you use it the crinkles when you turn the pages just get me in the feels. 🙂 (I purchased an A6.)

Y’all they offer a 5 Year diary.

I know, right?

Although I am a bookbinder I have to say that I adore their planners and diaries. The paper and the Japanese asthetic are my jam. And so I caved and bought their 5 year book. So here are some ways that you can use a 5 year book.

  1. Daily drawing. Self explanatory.
  2. Weather every day. If you are a weather geek, this is your jam.
  3. Gratitude journal. We all need to practice an attitude of gratitude.
  4. Poem a Day. You can write your own or copy the masters.
  5. Thought of the day/saying of the day.
  6. Day summarized in 1 sentence. It’s fun to look back and see what’s happened.
  7. Kid diary (quotes, etc.). This is a wonderful way to chronicle kid life.
  8. Health/symptom log. If you have a chronic illness this is a great way to track symptoms, meds, etc. over the years.
  9. Scripture a day. You can memorize or just write them down.
  10. Food diary. If you struggle with food, a yearly food journal can help your long-term goals.
  11. Household diary/log. You can document repairs, maintenance and a host of other long term household related things.
  12. Dream journal. Writing down dreams can be very insightful.
  13. This day in history. Write the thing you feel is mot important each day.
  14. Plant/garden log to track you progress long term.
  15. Word of the day (especially second language)
  16. Pet log. Vet visits, behaviors, etc can help you better care for your furry friend.
  17. Work Diary.
  18. Personal log. Log things personal to you–exercise, tech time, etc.
  19. Workout log. Partition days to track distance, weight lifted (or lost) and anything else you need to know so you can monitor progress.
  20. Metal health/Mood.
  21. Habits of all kinds. If you are trying to kick a habit or starting a new one, this can help you with your long term tracking/goals

What do you use your 5 year book for?

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